Synergy full sized (Micro) Controller

Unsurpassed Interconnectivity & Integration with Environmental Chambers

Designed specifically for Environmental Test Chamber Control The Synergy Controller Touch Screen Control System is a microprocessor based multi-channel instrument, developed specifically for environmental test chambers. This state of the art design employs features that maximize the capabilities of your test chamber. It is precisely designed to take complete command of the chamber's conditioning systems. Logic circuits automatically select heating / cooling (Channel 1), and humidity (Channel 2) modes as required, with total programming of temperature and humidity versus time. Six Event outputs are provided for special applications and optional features. A 100 ohm platinum RTD is used for temperature measurement. A dry capacitance type sensor is used for humidity measurement.

Synergy Nano

Maximize the Capabilities of your Environmental Chamber in a 1/4 DIN package

Tidal's state-of-the-art Synergy Nano controller is engineered to offer all the features needed to maximize the capabilities of your environmental chambers in a 1/4 DIN package. Designed to take complete command of the chambers' conditioning systems, its logic circuits automatically select heating/cooling modes as required, and totally controls programming of temperature, vibration, altitude and humidity versus time. The Synergy Nano combines the functions of a test chamber controller and a data logger. It moreover allows users to program up to six custom outputs for special applications and optional features. Process inputs include RTD, Thermocouple, voltage and current. Boasting the Microsoft Windows ™ CE.NET operating system, this feature-rich systemís sophisticated communications capabilities also include built-in remote control/monitoring. The Synergy Nano Controller is easy to retrofit into legacy equipment.

TCWEB Standalone Data Acquistion System

Internet-Enabled Data Logging System

Tidal Engineering, a leader in the design and development of embedded hardware and software for test and measurement and data acquisition applications, released the TCweb, a 16-channel thermocouple monitoring system. Among the most flexible and functional temperature acquisition instruments available, the TCweb connects to the Internet via its built-in 10BaseT Ethernet communication port or optional 56K fax modem. It is therefore configurable to automatically send e-mail reports, and alarm messages, as well as create and serve HTML report pages to any browser with a built-in Web server. By employing the built-in modem, reports and alarms may be transmitted to fax machines. In addition to offering the power to acquire, analyze, and rapidly furnish precise data, up to 16 units may be connected in a master/slave RS-485 daisy chain arrangement allowing 256 sensors to be monitored on a single Web server.

Windows™ Based, Multi-Chamber Monitor and Control

Windows™ Based, Multi-Chamber Monitor and Control
Remote Control | GPIB | RS-232 | TCP/IP | Profile Creation | Download & Control
Data Logging | Data Graphing | Alert System notification via Fax or e-mail

Supports the following Chambers Controllers:
Synergy Micro | Synergy Nano | VersaTenn II | VersaTenn III | VersaTenn IV | VersaTenn V
| Watlow 942 | Thermotron T4800 | Yokogawa 550/750 | Partlow 1460/1462 | Blue M 550/750 | Watlow F4

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