Chamber Refurbishment Process

Every refurbished environmental test chamber goes thru a multipoint inspection before the refurbishment process. After inspection of the entire chamber we start the refurbishment process. There are six basic steps in the process: Refreigeration System | Electrical System | Controller Package & Optional Equipment | Door & Window Seals | Exterior . The final step in the refurbishment process is the verification. During this time we run the chamber for 3-5 days during which the the chamber performace is optimized. Once we have optimized the chamber temperature performance we then run the chamber thru a last verification process with a Data Acquisition (Data Logging) System. The data acquisition system (TCWeb) provides a data log of the chambers overall temperature performance for ultimate low temperature, ramp down rate, and ultimate high temperature.

Steps in the refurbishment / verification process:

1. Refrigeration System
2. Electrical System
3. Controller Package | Optional Equipment
4. Door Seals | Viewing Window Seals
5. Exterior Reconditioning
6. Verify Chamber Performance Data Log via TCWeb Data Acquisition System

1. Refrigeration System
- Refrigerant pressure checked
- Compressors oil levels checked
- Entire system pressure tested
and leak checked (vacuum test may be preformed)
- Condensor unit inspected
- Refrigeration system is fine tuned to perform at or above manufacture specifications
2. Electrical System
- Contactors Inspected
- Relays Inspected
- Air Circulation Fans Inspected
- Electrical Input Connections
- Interior Lights
- All Interconnecting Wiring Inspected
3. Controller Package
Functionality of the following:
- Temperature Controller
- Redundant Over-Temperature
- Thermocouple wiring
-Controllers are fine tuned to achieve the overall best temperature ramp rate. The ramp rate can be fine tune for you specific temperature range.

Latest Technology in Touch Screen Windows based Data Logging / Data Acquisition Controller Up-Grades Available:
Synergy series Touch Screen Controllers
4. Door & Viewing Window Seals
- Door Seals
- Test Chamber Interior
- Viewing Window seal
- Viewing Window Clearity

Repaired or Replaced if Needed
5. Exterior
The exterior of your refurbished test chamber will completely refurbished. Any dents & scratches will be professional removed and repair. This process consist of removal of old paint, professionally repairing any dents or scratches, next applying a protective primer to repaired areas on the unit, and then painting with high grade paint to match the chamber prior color. This insures that when you recieve your refurbished chamber that it is in like new condition.
6. Chamber Performance
3-5 Day Testing Process:
- Refrigeration System Optimized
- Chamber can be Optimized for you specific temperature range
- Final Verification:
- Chambers temperature performance is logged via TCWEB Data Acquisition System
- Log of the chamber performance is supplied with the shipment of the chamber
When purchasing a used or refurbished environmental chamber the biggest question you need to ask: "How do I know the chamber is going to perform correctly when we receive it at our facitility?". With a refurbished environmental chamber from Chiller City we answer that question simply with a Performance Data Log of the chamber prior to shipment. When purchasing from Chiller City your refurbished chamber will also carrier a standard parts & labor warranty with extended warranties available. Our customers also have full access to our technical support team.

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