Data Acquistion During your Test Process

Are you using an old circular paper chart recorder or outdated software to log your data during your testing process, when you could be using the lastest technology for data aquisition and data logging. Chiller City currently offers the same data acquistion controller package that is available from Manufactures like Tenney, Blue M & Russells Technical Products - RTP.
Why purchase your next Refurbished Environmental Chamber with an out dated control package! Purchase from Chiller City and get the lasted available technology with a Synergy NANO™ control package:

The NANO combines the functions of a test chamber controller and a data logger. It moreover allows users to program up to six custom outputs for special applications and optional features. Process inputs include RTD, Thermocouple, voltage and current. Boasting the Microsoft Windows ™ CE.NET operating system, this feature-rich system's sophisticated communications capabilities also include built-in remote control/monitoring. The Synergy NANO data acquisition data logging controller out preforms the Thermotron 8800 controller.
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TPS Blue M High Temperature High Humidity Chamber

Blue M FRP-381B Environmental Humidity Cycling Test Chamber with upgraded control package (Synergy NANO™). Refurbishment was completed in late 2009 with a lead time of less than 30 days. Controller was loaded with custom temperature humidity test profiles. Customer received a flash drive back up of their preload test profiles. Chiller City also has a their profiles saved for any issues in the future.
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