Computer Screen During Verification Test

View a computer screen shot of a chamber verification via TCWeb
We use the TCWeb, a stand alone data acquisition system, to run a Data Log of the chamber performance. We run this verification data log on every chamber prior to shipping an environmental chamber.
TCWeb Data LoggerTCWeb Data Logger

Recent Refurbished Environmental Chambers' Performance Graph

Graph Created from a the Data Log Collected Via TCWeb Data Acquisition Unit with a Single sensor selected to graph
This graphs was created in Excel with information collected via TCWeb Data Acquisition unit on a Thermotron S35 Environmental Temperature Chamber. The Synergy NANO and the Synergy full sized (Micro) Controller all have the capibility to create these types of graphs.
TCWeb Data LoggerTCWeb Data Logger

Three Sensor Data Acquisition Data Graph

The TCWeb Logged the 3 Sensors to produce this Graph
This is a typical graph that would be supplied with the shipment of a refurbished chamber. The graph clearly shows the performance of the environmental chamber prior to shipment.
We will typically log the following:
Ambient Temperature during Verification Process | Sensor by the Main Controllers' Thermocouple | Sensor in the middle of the chamber
TCWeb Data LoggerTCWeb Data Logger
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